Groundwater Monitoring

Prior to approval of a landfill site, specified geologic and hydrogeological conditions must be met. A detailed hydrogeological evaluation of the Austin Community Landfill has determined that beneath the landfill property is a low-permeability clay layer, hundreds of feet thick, known by geologists as the Taylor Group. This geological formation represents an additional barrier to the already protective liner that is used by the Austin Community Landfill today in accordance with state and federal regulations.

In addition, the landfill is approximately two (2) miles east of the "bad water line" for the Edwards Aquifer and is isolated from the portion of the aquifer that provides drinking water. Collectively, these factors make the Austin Community Landfill property ideal for waste disposal providing significant environmental protection for groundwater.

Waste Management strives to ensure groundwater protection by analyzing samples from groundwater monitoring wells located along the perimeter of the landfill. Groundwater wells are installed in order to monitor groundwater conditions. Waste Management monitors for more than 60 organic and inorganic compounds and metals. Groundwater monitoring wells are sampled and inspected on a semi-annual basis and analyzed by an independent laboratory. The reports are submitted to TCEQ for review.

A diagram of a typical groundwater well can be found here.