Facility Information

Landfill Rules and Fees

The Austin Community Landfill does not accept batteries, liquids, household chemicals, paint, motor oil, used oil filters, computers, florescent light bulbs, or other hazardous materials.

Appliances, such as freezers, refrigerators, and A/C units, cannot be disposed of in the landfill. Customers can take appliances to CMC Metal, located at 1704 Howard Lane, 512-442-2384

Disposal fees depend on the size of the load and include additional fuel surcharges and a state-required Texas Commission on Environmental Quality fee which varies, based on the size of the load. Please contact us for disposal fees.

Cash, checks and Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

  •  As part of Waste Management’s commitment to safety, all customers (and anyone assisting customers) are required to wear a safety vest when disposing waste at the Austin Community Landfill.  Customers can bring their own safety vest or they can purchase one from Waste Management for $5 (plus tax).

The Texas Transportation Code, as well as Waste Management, requires vehicles be properly equipped to prevent loose material from escaping by blowing or spilling. Please make sure your truck or trailer is securely tarped to prevent "accidental" litter. Also, make sure there are no holes or cracks in your truck or trailer bed. Click here for a flyer that properly demonstrates how to properly tarp your truck or trailer.