Community Involvement

At the Austin Community Landfill, we are committed to being a good neighbor and supporting community organizations in order to help make our community cleaner, safer and stronger. The Austin Community Landfill has been serving Travis County and surrounding communities for more than 20 years.

Tree Recycling

After holidays, residents can recycle their holiday trees for free at the landfill. The trees are ground into mulch is used in landscaping around the landfill and at the Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Community Partners

Austin Community Landfill is proud to be an active supporter of community events and programs that make Travis County a strong and healthy place to live, work and play. In the past, the Landfill has worked with the Travis County Audubon Society and Texas Bee Watchers. We are a member of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and we have partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation for the Don’t Mess with Texas Campaign to prevent accidental litter by reminding drivers to “cover your load” when bringing debris to the landfill in a truck or trailer.

Austin Community Landfill was selected as Business Partner of the Year for the 16th Annual Partners in Education in Manor ISD. WM has supported science and math programs at Bluebonnet Elementary in various ways including math software, teacher training, and a science lab.

Lastly, Austin Community Landfill supports Keep Austin Beautiful by providing donated services to the Beautify Austin program, the Clean Lady Bird Lake program, and the Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup program. Additionally, WM is an annual sponsor at the Beautiful Bash which celebrates Keep Austin Beautiful and all who work to make Austin beautiful.

In 2018, Keep Austin Beautiful awarded Waste Management the Emerson Community Involvement Award for our continued support for beautification and clean-up projects in the Austin area.

Neighbor Relations

We strive to have an open-door policy and to listen to our neighbors. We have made operational decisions based on the input from our neighbors, such as installing a wheel wash system on our facility to remove mud from truck tires before they enter nearby roads. This is just one example of how we try to be responsive to neighbor concerns.

We are happy to schedule tours to provide information on current landfill activities, landscaping plans, disposal area plans, and community activities.

We regularly publish a newsletter, called Neighbor. The newsletter reports on landfill activities as well as educates readers about the technical and complex environmental processes required at a landfill.


Media Inquires

Please direct media inquires to Sherrell Cordas at 713-724-7115 or

Charitable Contributions

Healthy thriving communities depend on involved citizens, organizations and corporate partners for momentum. We lend our support and services to causes that promote civic pride, economic development and revitalization. Every community has its own challenges, and we strive always to be part of problem-solving initiatives. For a guidelines on chartiable giving or to apply for a charitable contribution, click here.