Landfill Gas Management

Landfill Gas Migration

Waste Management employs a quarterly gas monitoring program in accordance with state and federal environmental regulations. Gas monitoring probes are placed around the perimeter of the landfill to detect the potential presence of landfill gas migration.

Air Quality

The Austin Community Landfill also has a gas collection and recovery system designed to achieve the following:

  1. Reduce the potential for off-site landfill gas migration;
  2. Minimize passive landfill gas emissions; and
  3. Control potential landfill odors.

The gas collection and control system at the landfill uses gas extraction wells installed into deposited wastes around the landfill to collect landfill gases generated by decomposing waste. Thermal destruction of collected gases occurs at a central, high-temperature flare, which is permitted by the TCEQ.

The wells are monitored monthly for pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. These data are submitted twice a year to the TCEQ.